Friday, April 29, 2011

Nike EKIN Event Recap “Los Angeles”

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"Over the weekend, the Nike “EKINs” from Los Angeles and San Francisco held a special sneaker Show and Tell event in Culver City. The event allowed sneaker aficionados from LA and the Bay to show off select items in their collections and treat us to the story behind each particular shoe. One after another, sneaker collectors stood in front of a crowd of their peers and told stories of how they worked, hustled, negotiated, or just got plain lucky and came up on their most prized footwear. Despite the stigma often associated with sneaker collectors, the stories were often genuine and endearing. From an Air Jordan 3 birthday gift from a younger sister, to holding up a pair of Air Jordan 7s that were worn by a deceased friend when he died, everyone in the room was touched by the stories they shared."

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