Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nike LeBron 10/Nike Plus functionality to retail for $315

Nike will be testing the loyalty of their customers this fall when the 10th edition of LeBron James’ signature shoe drops at retailers. On top of a price increase to $180 for the standard edition of the Nike LeBron 10, there will be a $315 version that includes Nike+ Basketball, the company’s new propietary tech that will be able to measure your performance on the basketball court. Nike+ Basketball was announced a few weeks ago and will debut with the Nike Hyperdunk 2012 this summer.

While you can expect more than a few people to be upset over the price increase of the Nike LeBron line by another $10, it will pale in comparison to the fury of the sneakerhead population if the $315 figure stands for the Nike+ Basketball version. This is all subject to speculation right now, but imagine if a highly desirable colorway, like say the “South Beach,” was only available with the Nike+ Basketball version. This has already happened with the Nike LeBron 9 Elite and that was “only” a jump for $80 and people are already freaking out over that decision.


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