Sunday, June 10, 2012

Young Star is next on deck!

Young Star was originally born in California, but when he moved to Oklahoma
at the age of 11, he knew immediately his life was about to change.   Young
Star began rapping when he was 13 years old, but it wasn’t until he was at
the age of 19 that he really took his career seriously and began making
major moves in the industry.  It was his dedication and hard work that
earned him the name “The King of Oklahoma”, by his peers.

In 2006, Young Star, along with a couple of his friends, started a label by
the name of 6G Mafia Ent.  Not much later, he linked up with another local
label called Presidential Trap House Records and caught a management deal
with Unplugged Ent & Muziq Breakerz Ent. Although the PTH & Unplugged
deal eventually ended 6gz & Muziq Breakerz combined to form 6GMB &
Young Star’s career has been taking off ever since.

For example, in 2008, he won over 7 individual awards at Oklahoma mixtape
award shows, including “Lyricist of the Year”, “Artist of the Year”, and
“Most Known Artist of the Year”. Since them Young Star has won over 11
more awards between him and his label mates & is currently the "Artist
of the Year" in his home state of Oklahoma.

By this time, rocking shows with his undeniable stage presence had become a
specialty of Young Star’s,  so it’s no surprise he is being booked
virtually non-stop.  He's been on tour with just about every artist you can
think of and has left a lasting impression in each city as one of the most
entertaining artists in the rap game today. 
He recently dropped a anthem for his hometown NBA basketball team entitled "OKC THUNDER ANTHEM" which took his career to another level & along with the 4 singles on the radio from features alone, including the major single with R&B sensation Sha Sha Jones called "Boom" & "I Live That Life" featuring Gucci Mane his career has been on the move ever since. You can find his music on  MySpaceYouTube, iTunes, Datpif, & even Limelinx. Young Star’s musical talent and passion for his craft are clearly apparent in his music, as he is the future of hip hop. He is currently shopping for either a major or independent label recording contract with his main goal being to get his music heard by the entire world & with a phone call from SLIM the CEO from Cash Money Records this summer hopefully his dream will come true soon.

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