Tuesday, September 18, 2012

10 Signs Your A Lame Sneakerhead Via @Complexmag

“As sneakers and the culture and community surrounding them continues to grow, the number of lames that somehow find their way into becoming a “sneakerhead” seems to multiply at exponential rates. Quick, look around. Is it you? Is it the guy that posts pics of the full size runs he rolled out of the mall that kept you from that latest release? Is it the guy that can’t handle someone else getting hooked up with a pair of kicks? Is it the kid camping for kicks with no intention to ever wear them?”

1. You Cry Publicly When You Miss Out On Releases.

2. You Say “I Need Those” For Every Hype Release.

3. You Tell Everyone How Much Of A Sneakerhead You Are.

4. You Talk About The Good Old Days…Which Was When Your Mom Bought You Sneakers.

5. You Only Know Sneakers By Their Nicknames.

6. You Only Wear One Brand Of Sneakers.

7. You Only Think A Sneaker Is Cool After A Celeb Co-Signs It.

8. The Only Place You Talk To People About Sneakers Is On The Internet.

9. You Only Wear Shoes To Post A Picture of Them On Social Media.

10. You Can’t Admit To Being Guilty Of At Least One Thing On This List.

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