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Complex: Andre Agassi's 10 Best Sneakers of All Time

Growing up i was never in to tennis but i knew the notable names as well as their signature sneakers. Todays sneaker designs still fall short of the classics and one that really set the bar high was the Agassi's. The Trainer silhouette and artistic eye catching colorway and design made them a must have. Check out Complex magazines break down of the top 10 best sneakers of all time.

Few athletes pushed the boundaries of a sport further than Andre Agassi did in tennis during the late '80s and early '90s. His rockstar-like appearance, from the mullet to the flashy clothing and brightly colored sneakers, helped him become one of the biggest stars tennis had ever seen. Nike teamed up with Andre Agassi in the late '80s as he rose through the ranks of tennis and became a full fledged superstar. After a decade or so, Agassi and Nike parted ways and left with us a signature sneaker line that rivals the best. Today it was announced that Nike and Andre Agassi are once again partnering to make the tennis world a better place and we couldn't help but reminisce. Check out the Andre Agassi's 10 Best Sneakers of All Time.

10. Nike Air Zoom Ablaze

Year: 1997

The Nike Air Zoom Ablaze was one of the most unique designs in the Agassi stable. it featured an exoskeleton that wraps the midfoot, much like many of the Nike Basketball designs did that same year. On the tennis court, Agassi's more mellow demeanor made these a bit unknown compared to other Nike Tennis Agassi releases but their freshness is undeniable and they rank amongst the best tennis shoes ever.

9. Nike Air Tech Challenge IV

Year: 1991

The fourth iteration of the Air Tech Challenge likely sits at the top of many 'heads wish lists. Especially after Nike teased with the Air Tech Challenge Hybrid a few years back. This classic from 1991 had all sorts of bells and whistles, Dynamic Fit, Durathane, and a handful of colors to make everyone happy.

8. Nike Air Assailant

Year: 1998

One of the later models in the history of Andre Agassi's sneakers is the Air Assailant. Agassi's clothing choices had mellowed and his Nikes followed suit with a quieter appearance. Eventually a departure from Nike followed.

7. Nike Air Zoom Challenge

Year: 1996

The Air Zoom Challenge may have been an Agassi sneaker but to sneakerheads, it's the shoe of choice foranother legendary athlete, John Stockton. Stockton was about as quick on the basketball court as Agassi was on the tennis court but watching him dish out dimes in the Nike Air Zoom Challenge made the silhouette popular across two sports.

6. Nike Air Tech Challenge

Year: 1988

The original Air Tech Challenge has been lost amongst retros and manufactured stories. No visible Air unit meant it didn't receive the attention that the Agassi models that followed. But that doesn't mean it's not a great shoe, in fact, it's so good we pretty much begged Nike for a retro earlier today. So now that Agassi and the Swoosh are working together again, we can only hope.

5. Nike Air Challenge LWP

Year: 1995

The Nike Light Weight Performance (LWP) push in the mid '90s was incredibly successful on the basketball court, and when it comes to tennis, well, MJ approved, so that's a pretty good co-sign. This is one of those models we'd love to see retro but wouldn't be mad if it remained locked away in elusiveness either. We can only assume Agassi took the LWP approach to heart, considering he cut off his famous hair about the same time he slipped these on.

4. Nike Air Flare

Year: 1994

The Nike Air Flare was on the feet of Agassi when he won the US Open. It was a toned down approach to what we were used to when it came to Agassi's Nikes but there's no denying their appeal.

3. Nike Air Challenge Huarache

Year: 1991

Huarache may be a trusted (and almost common) sneaker term now, but back when Agassi's Air Challenge Huarache was released, the sock-like designs were still questionable by mainstream consumers. The "Have you hugged your foot today?" ad campaigns must have worked, though, because we're still seeing Huarache releases to this day.

2. Nike Air Tech Challenge III 3/4

Year: 1990

The Air Tech Challenge III was the epitome of Andre Agassi's rock 'n roll approach to tennis. Bright neon made these noticeable whether you wanted to or not, kind of like Agassi's style of play and rebellious nature.

1. Nike Air Tech Challenge II

Year: 1989

The Tech Challenge II is known for the "Hot Lava" colorway and was one of the earliest Nike Tennis sneakers to recieve the graphic treatment that is commonly associated with the brand today. Andre could be seen rockin' these with the mullet and matching apparel during the end of the '80s.

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