Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Air Jordan x Doernbecher Freestyle Showcase

As of mid-November 2011, the Air Jordan x Doernbecher Freestyle Collection now runs five models deep. Sheridan Brenton (Air Jordan II, 2007), Tony Taylor (Air Jordan 1, 2008), Jordan Dark (Air Jordan VI, 2009) Cole Johanson (Air Jordan III, 2010), and Isaiah Scott (Air Jordan IV, 2011) make up the exclusive group of children selected to colorize the Air Jordan for each of the past give Nike x Doernbecher Freestyle Collections, and with each stunning colorway is an intricate storyline telling the brave tale behind each designer. Here’s a look at the Air Jordan x Doernbecher Freestyle Collection in its entirety; we’re certain there are devoted Air Jordan fanatics out there who can boast of having the entire set, but for those who have some incomplete slots, these gorgeous images should give you plenty of reason to go out and pick up the rest. Personally the recently released 4's and the 6's are my favorites.

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