Sunday, November 20, 2011


Cement 3 Tee $27 shipped. Art by: Kixionary

Ever since my last post about the bulls crew sweatshirt colabo i did with EmBellish clothing alot of people have been asking "How can we get the shirt and are there any more lines that i've colaborated with?" Well the answer is yes and the Geekonomics clothing line continues to carry the torch of hot sneaker head tee's. My artwork has been brought to life on these vibrant and excellent quality tee's by Geekonomics along with there other print's this company is whats up right now. To order your tee's contact sickix.

DB4 Tee $27 shipped. Art by: Kixionary

Nike SB Derby Tee $27 shipped Art by: Kixionary

Lebron 8 South Beach Tee

Geekonimics Wht/Tee Art by: Kixionary

Geekonimics BLK/Tee Art by: Kixionary

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