Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Last Concord Recap world wide post. (videos)

"It's worth getting trampled over just to get them what they need". Your kids don't "need" Jordans. They need food and a education. As long as people are hype'n over kicks like this the higher the prices will go until the middle and lower class will start to try and kill each other because only the upper class will be able to afford it. Mean while nike get paid. Nike rakes in estimated sales of $1 billion a year on Air Jordans. Remind me again of all the things MJ does to give back to the inner city again... still waiting...

It's funny what's important to people now a days.

Smh... For Jordans you locked your babies in the car. wow... Well haa haa to those who didn't get a pair because they went out acting a fool for them and to those who copped a pair after waiting decades in line, my paycheck thanks you and i hope it was worth it.

Final note, Imagine if no one in the world purchased a pair of Jordans on there release date how much of a price drop those high price pieces of cloth cardboard and plastic would be...

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