Monday, January 30, 2012

Air Jordan XI ‘Concord’ Diamond Pendant By IF and Co.

If you were a member of or lurked on Niketalk during the early-mid 2000′s (aka the Renaissance period), Ben Baller is probably a household name; the guy wore his heart on his sleeve and had some well-known celebrity connections, making him one of the most memorable Niketalkers in the history of the forum’s existence. The DJ turned jeweler-to-the-stars formerly known as K-Town Hustler will and has ‘iced’ out anything that can hang from a chain, so this Air Jordan XI ‘Concord’ pendant is, admittedly, a bit tame compared to his accomplished feats of the past (that Golden State pendant and the I-95 are just a couple that come to mind). This pendant features a pair of photorealistic Concords (down to the curves and lines on the outsole) fitting of the current rage of Air Jordans, but with a Los Angeles Dodgers cap that Ben added for a bit of hometown flavor, we’re reminded just who is behind this blinged out piece of neckwear. We’ve got more images for you of this Icee Fresh & Co. creation below so take a look and let us know what you think. via Complex

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