Friday, January 6, 2012

Nike LeBron 9 ‘Summit Lake Hornets’

Most fantasies involving projecting oneself into a lifestyle of elite athletic performance infolve going pro and reaping all the rewards that come along with cultivating all-world talent, so perhaps that’s part of what makes this newest Nike LeBron 9 colorway so compelling. The ‘Summit Lake Hornets’ LeBron 9 will have you wishing you still had a bedtime and couldn’t wait the couple years until you’d actually be able to drive, a player exclusive colorup so good some might dream they could play for the AAU squad for whom this shoe is designed. But like many great Nike LeBron PEs, these will make it to retail, if with a limited release, so you can check out these new photos while imagining what you might need to arrange in order to get in on the Grape-flavored goodness. - via

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