Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Curren$y’s Greatest Footwear Moments


Complex took a break from the hip hop artists for the last two Greatest Footwear Moments installments as they showcased skater Paul Rodriguez and model Amber Rose. However, this week, Complex caters to the hip hop community again by highlighting Louisiana rapper Curren$y’s Greatest Footwear Moments.

Curren$y has always let us know that he is one of the fly rappers in the hip hop community with album/mixtapes titles such as Jet Files, Pilot Talk, Music to Fly to, and How Fly. Therefore, his kicks must be on point, right? Click here to view Curren$y’s Greatest Footwear Moments brought to you by Complex.

For the last couple of months we have given you the inside scoop on the industries biggest sneaker freaks but one artist continually gets requested by our readers. Although voluntarily remaining underground, Curren$y Spitta has gained huge amounts of popularity with mixtapes like How Fly (a Wiz Khalifa collab) and most recently Smokee Robinson. Coining the term "round house kicks" on Wale's "Word Play" and creating a Twitter page for his Laney Jordan Vs(@spittaslaney5s), it seems our readers might be on to something. Does he really know kicks as much as he tokes up?

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