Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nike SB Dunk Low – Reese Forbes Hunter Gatherer Sample


The image above is the model that was first concocted but couldn’t stand the wear test. The shoes were made of corduroy and a woven sea-grass with hemp laces and rubber soles but from simple wear they’d tear up around the area’s were normally creases would simply reside. While this may be a selling point to some it does not meet up with Nike’s ‘must be able to go through a washing cycle and stay intact’ rule. Take a look at what could have been and what became and wonder what if with us. They would have been nice.



  1. Mr. packman have released anther new style Nike shoe which is opposed to his wife on the market. It’s the Nike SB Dunk shoe. At the same time, there is the matching bag along with the new shoe.


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